A Quick Scientific Note on Creation

Georges Lemaitre Big Bang

Christians are often asked to reconcile their faith against scientific discoveries. From the fossil record to the Big Bang theory, secular society tries to poise science versus religion to justify their worldview. It doesn’t have to be like that.

The truth of the matter is that scientific discoveries have always worked well with the Biblical narrative. It’s a common misunderstanding on both sides of the fence that science and the Bible are at odds. The data that is used to form theories can be viewed from one of two perspectives – God made it that way or other forces are at work.

Scientists from both presuppositions often try to justify their worldview based upon the data. This is why theories like the Big Bang can be positioned to apparently prove or disprove Creation. The reality is that it does neither, but it can be used to support either worldview.

We did a video on the topic. It’s timely; a recent study points to the idea that the Big Bang is wrong and that the universe had no beginning. This is one thing that both scientists and religious leaders can agree upon: the latest theory is clearly wrong.

For a quicker perspective, we recommend this video:

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