Boycott Campaign Against Israel is Insane

Boycott Israel CampaignMany in the world have chosen Israel as the focus of their righteous indignation. They do so because they feel that the Jewish state is occupying portions of Palestine that rightfully belong to someone else. Let’s briefly explore why this is insane.

The Lands are Not Occupied

God has given the land of Israel to the Jews. This was made clear by miraculous victories in 1948 and more prominently in 1967. The latter seems to be the point of contention for many since Israel expanded their land to include portions of the Middle East that were under the control of others. What people seem to forget is that the war was initiated by the enemies of Israel and the “occupied” lands were taken by Israel as a result.

Those lands now belong to Israel. It isn’t a matter of being spoils of war. It’s a matter of protection from future attacks. The reason that the Arab nations believed they could defeat Israel in 1967 was because strategically they had an advantage. That advantage was partially taken away when Israel expanded. To give back those lands that they took as a result of being attacked would be to give the enemies of Israel the ability to attack again.

Israel is Tiny

The country of Israel is the size of the state of New Jersey. It is the only place in the world that is truly a Jewish state.

Giving the “occupied” lands back to an Islamic Palestine is a suggestion that defies logic. When compared to the number and size of Islamic countries in the world, it makes zero sense to think that tiny Israel should make room and share their lands with Muslims staking claim to the land. They have plenty of places to go, plenty of lands that they can call home. Why take from the small to give to the large. It’s a notion that defies the liberal mindset, yet it seems that the most liberal are the ones who say that it should be done.

End Hypocricy

The vast majority of those who believe Israel is occupying a land that belongs to someone else because of history are living in lands that fall under the same category. If Americans want to say that Israel doesn’t deserve their land, then they should also be the ones saying that America should give the land back to the Cherokee, Choctaw, and other native American people. After all, America aggressively took the lands that didn’t belong to them. Israel only took the lands when they were attacked.

The same can be said for pretty much everyone else. The world was built on conquest and it seems like everyone wants to focus on a single defensive conquest as the flash point of their aggression.

The hypocrisy against Israel’s rights to exist extend beyond the land. The same people who decry Israel for defending itself when thousands of rockets are launched at her civilians are the same people who would be demanding obliteration of a country if the same thing happened. If Cuba launched rockets at Florida and killed American citizens, we wouldn’t be demanding an equivalent response. We would be telling the President to take away any possibility that Cuba could attack in that same way again.

This was Foretold

If you read the Bible, you’ll see that the prophets have told us the nations of the world would be aligned against Israel in the last days. America has a President who treats our greatest ally in the Middle East with disdain. The United Nations has put more focus on Israel than any other nation.

Don’t misunderstand. Israel as a country is far from innocent. However, there are much great atrocities being perpetrated by other countries and those who operate these Boycott Israel campaigns don’t go after them. The hate for Israel is completely disproportionate to the bad things they’ve done especially when comparing their responses to real atrocities. It’s not just antisemitism. Now, we’re seeing the adversary turning as many people and nations as possible against God’s chosen people.

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