Is Ted Cruz Alone in Defending Israel?

Ted Cruz United NationsRepublican Presidential candidate and current US Senator Ted Cruz is going on the offensive against the United Nations as they consider the possibility of placing Israel on a list of nations and organizations that perpetrate human rights violations against children. This “List of Shame” includes Boko Haram, ISIS, and other entities who have long lists of atrocities.

Cruz sent a scathing letter to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon describing why the deaths of children in Gaza last year were unavoidable given the tactics used by Hamas against the Jewish nation. It has been well documented that the terrorist organization intentionally used children as human shields to defend their rocket launchers that were pummeling Israel.

According to Buzzitt, the Senator ended his letter with a clear threat of action against the United Nations if they choose to include Israel on the list:

“Mr. Secretary-General, under no circumstances should Israel be added to your list. As the largest contributor to the United Nations, Congress will have no choice but to reassess the United States’ relationship with the United Nations and consider serious consequences should you choose to take this action.”

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