Georges Lemaitre Big Bang

A Quick Scientific Note on Creation

Christians are often asked to reconcile their faith against scientific discoveries. From the fossil record to the Big Bang theory, secular society tries to poise science versus religion to justify their worldview. It doesn’t have to be like that. The truth of the matter is that scientific discoveries have always worked well with the Biblical…

Islamic State

ISIS Continues Beheading Christian Children

It’s the type of headline that doesn’t get much attention anymore. We’re used to it, unfortunately, and so it’s no longer a frontpage item, particularly since the victims weren’t from a western state. Four Iraqi children were beheaded because they were not willing to denounce Jesus Christ. Their courage is incredible. There’s just nothing more…

Where Christianity Once Thrived

The Unreported War on Christianity

Christian persecution is noticeably unreported by mainstream media, particularly in the United States. There are Christians around the world being killed every day based upon their faith and unwillingness to conform to Islam. In fact, many are killed while trying to conform simply because they are “infidels”.

Is Christmas Pagan?

Christmas and Easter: Truth or Tradition?

This is a very important video to watch as many people prepare for Christmas. You have to know the truth about the history of Christmas and Easter. More importantly, you have to come to an understanding of why it’s not all about what it means to you. You have to know what it means to…