Things To Always Keep In Mind About God [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Coptic Christians Executed

In this audio, Yolanda and AV discuss one of the most important examples set forth in the Bible. It’s also the hardest for modern day Christians to hold to and fulfill.

The ultimate test of faith is to do what the Lord tells you to do even if it means great sacrifice. We see throughout the Bible that He tested the faith of men, asking them to do things that they didn’t understand or to make great sacrifices that they would never consider for any reason other than as a decree from our Father. Noah, Abraham, Moses, Stephen, Paul – all were willing to sacrifice all for the Lord.

Today, most of us in American and western culture are not asked to make these levels of sacrifice. The ultimate sacrifice was made on our behalf. Still, we must all be prepared and willing to do whatever the Lord asks of us. In some countries, they are faced with these types of choices. The Coptic Christians who were executed had a choice. When they were kidnapped, the terrorists divided the Christians from the Muslims in their work group. Had any of the 21 claimed to convert to Islam, they would be alive today. These 21 knew that they were facing death for the sake of maintaining obedience to their Lord. Would you be able to do the same in that situation?

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