The Big Bang neither Proves nor Disproves the Biblical Creation Narrative

Big Bang Theory

When the the theory of the Big Bang started getting legs and hitting mainstream science prior to WWII, people on both sides of the creation fence were claiming it as proof of their worldview. Secular scientists used it to demonstrate a possible way that the universe could come into existence without a divine creator while creationists heralded it as a “told you so” moment that showed their view of a universe with a beginning pointed to the Creator.

Both perspectives were flawed, which is why a recent study that professes to disprove the Big Bang has no real effect on Bible beliefs, either.

Even the father of the Big Bang theory, Father Georges Lemaitre (yes, he was a priest and a physicist), was quick to warn the Pope to stop calling it proof of creation. Now, we aren’t going to say that idea of a scientific nod to creation is not an interesting concept; both theories seem to point to the Bible and God in different ways. However, the idea that it’s proof is simply taking it too far.

We don’t need proof. We have faith. We have the understanding that our Lord gave us from the beginning and filled us through the Holy Spirit after the death and resurrection of our Messiah. It does, however, make for some interesting dialogue. Here’s a video we did on the subject:


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